Why every photographer need a tripod?

what is tripod photography?

Why every photographer need a tripod?

So In this blog you are gonna learn tricks and techniques about tripod.

tripod photography
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First learn, what is tripod?

A tripod is a portable stand, used as a platform for supporting the camera or dslr and maintaining the stability of some other phone or iPhone . A tripod provides stability for photographs and videos. The positioning of the three legs tripod away from the vertical centre allows the tripod better to lean and provide amazing support in clicking photos. To improve your stability skills tripod is not the only product available in market. You can buy gorilla pod too. Gorilla is used for less shaky videos, most of the you tubers/vloggers are having gorilla tripod so that they can improve their vlogs.

So, why you actually need a tripod while doing photography

One of the major reason is to avoid shake in your photographs.

You cannot make a timelapse without tripod as you need to hold it for minutes that is practically not possible . So whenever you travel, tripod is must.

tripod photography
source google, gorilla tripod in use

Investment required for tripod

Investment required for tripod? Look it all depends upon your budget

TRIPOD are available from 700-50000 rs.

You can buy the cheapest tripod Simpex 333 also, read more about this tripod on yourcamworld.com

You can also buy monopod for filmmaking, gorilla tripod for dslr and mirrorless camera

Gorillapod flexible, portable tripods are sized for every camera from Point & Shoot, and action cam to professional DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Want to buy gorilla tripod, click here

Tripod photography

Tripod photography is the key to success for photographers.

You can know more about photography/ tripods/ gorilla pod here : pranavphogat5@gmail.com

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