Become a successful photographer in just 3 moves!

Become a successful photographer in just 3 moves?

In previous blogs, we read about best 5 tricks to grow as a filmmaker

Here we are going to talk about 3 basic and simple steps to grow as a camera user/ become successful as a camera user


Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networking site on internet today. It is the best platform to upload photos and videos.

instagram is one of the fastest growing social networking sites, create your account too.

Don’t forget to create your account on Instagram, get in touch with other camera users. Now, you must be thinking that getting followers on Instagram will be hard.

yes it is, but you can easily get likes by putting hashtag related to photography on your images, be active on Instagram for a longer time.

2. Photoshoots

Photographer should do photoshoots continuously, let it be a party shoot or a portfolio of a person .

How to get shoots continuosly? how much should you charge per shoot? Where to do?

start promoting your Facebook page in your area/city. You will have to invest some amount, but people will get to know about your work.

Mark one place for your shoots like Hauz Khas is best place for shoots in Delhi and set price per photograph.

earn money through photoshoots, contact for more details

3. Travel

Travel after every interval , you won’t get different photos at the same place. We would recommend you to travel to hills stations.

You can get different photographs that you can upload on your Facebook page or Instagram account .

If investment is the issue then, do shoots and travel respectively . This is one of the cool trick that every photographer use.

Hope you guys liked our blog

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You are the best photographer.

Get motivated today, See your growth by tomorrow .


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