Minimum investment required to start photography

Minimum investment required to start photography

No dslr? Start with your smartphone/iphone

You might not be having a dslr while starting, no problem, start doing it with a smartphone. In this generation, every one is having a smartphone.

Iphone is the best for beginners to start with photography, I still  use smartphone/iphone for photography to get different shots even after having a dslr. This means minimum investment require to start with photography is almost 0.

minimum investment
starting with your photography business

How I started

I started clicking photographs when I was 14 years old. At that time obviously I was not having a dslr. I was not guided by anyone.

At that age I started photography as a beginner with my Samsung grand.

I was posting my photographs on social networking sites specially on Facebook and Instagram . Afterwards I created my own page on Facebook that I am still using .

I would recommend you to start your work online, show photographs to as much as people you can, let them review their photography.

minimum investment
how much does it cost to start photography business

If you are doing good, go for the dslr according to your budget, I would recommend you with canon as canon is easy to use.

Start shooting models for your page or travel to capture more beautiful pics

These are the basic tricks to grow in this industry even with minimum investment

What I am using right now?

I am using a canon 760D which will cost you 75,000, want to buy right now? click here 

Eken H9

This is one of the coolest camera available in the market just for 5000. it functions like a go pro and is a waterproof camera.


Buy even H9, click here

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