Lions with big mane filmed more? why?

The lions with big mane , show that they are more powerfull . The lions with darker mane are also considered at the top and shows that they have more experience.

Colour of the lions

The colour of the lions mane also shows his health , testosterone levels, vigor ,etc. When the lion is dark, it will easily sacre off othe lions, a lighter mane does the opposite. Females also show preference towards darker manes. The long and dark manes are extraordinarily hot and heavy. In cool climates like morocco and south africa , males can manage bigger and darker manes. Some places , liones have no manes at all!

source google; lions with big mane

When a lion moves to a cool climate, their manes grow larger , but if they move to a climate where the temperature is too hot, their mane will shed off. Only the most powerfull males can manege big mane in hot climates. The mane also presents the purpose of protection. The lions in different regions have differeent mane characteristics . so, lions with different characteristics will be found according to the weather conditions .

Here we talked about mane of lions, now lets talk about why lions with big mane filmed?

source google; shots taken of lion with the help of remote

Lions with mane are very limited, they can only be found in cold places that means clicking lions with big mane will be amazing for photographers.

These shots will help them to grow in industry.

Filmmaking is not easy, specially of a lions, if the filmmaker is able to shot lion, he/she will be paid more by the companies.

These were some reasons why lions with bigger manes are filmed more

Hope the article was helpful, if not check out more about lions.

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