Best Low budget tripod for photography

Best Low budget tripod for photography


  • I have been doing photography since 3 years and I have buyed only one tripod till yet that is simplex 333

It is one of best and cheapest tripod available in the market, the price for this tripod is less than 800.

best low budget tripod for photography
simplex 333 tripod

tripod is must while doing photography or cinematography, one can stabilise his or her photograph or video with the help of tripod.

You don’t need to invest on an expensive tripod to get better shots.

More about simpex 333 tripod (Best Low budget tripod for photography )

Simpex 333 Tripod that will help you to keep your camera steady so that you can take sharp shots in different conditions that might otherwise give you blurred images. It will come handy when you can’t shoot at a fast enough shutter speed to capture the action. With this Simpex 333 Tripod, you can also enjoy the benefit of evening and night photography. It is compatible with Canon – EOS 1100D, 1200D, 600D, and EOS 60D, and Nikon – D3100, D3200, D3300, D5100, D5200, D5300 and D7000.


Simpex 333 Tripod is made up of aluminium oval section and features a vertical leg lock. It has a folded length of 520mm, and comes with a 3-way panhead to aid to your photography skill. This sturdy tripod can bear load up to 3000gms. You also getmaximum operating height of 1490mm for optimum convenience. Further, it features 3 leg sections, 2 pin platforms, one bubble level, quick release, radial tri-brace and self-levelling. Moreover, the Simpex 333 Tripod weighs only 1040gms, allowing you to carry it easily anywhere you want.

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